PHONEWORD Workshops Bounty

PHONEWORD Workshops Bounty Program

PHONEWORD Workshops Community operates on the principles of Choice, Agreement, Responsibility and Trust.

Areas of development, collaboration and workshop topics shall be driven by a publicly posted bounty system.

All PHONEWORD Workshops Community participants are invited to post bounties and bounty suggestions.  Terms and conditions associated with PHONEWORD Workshops Bounties will be publicly posted as well.

Bounties will be divided: 

80% to the entities fulfilling the bounty 

20% to PHONEWORD Workshops LLC.

The minimum bounty value shall be $800.00 US.

To post a bounty or bounty suggestion:


Call: +1-602-228-4486 cellular phone

NOTE: All terms and conditions can be modified or removed immediately by public notice on this page and at any time.

Become a PHONEWORD Commercial Registrar

You or your company can be a PHONEWORD Workshops Commercial Registrar on a month to month basis by attending one of our upcoming workshops.

Each workshop is limited to 25 PHONEWORD Workshops Commercial Registrars 

$475 per month is the fee to attend each PHONEWORD Workshops session as a Commercial Registrar.

Sponsored Registrars

PHONEWORD Sponsored Registrars are opportunities for academic, research, governmental and non-profit entities to participate during our development period 

There will be up to 25 PHONEWORD Sponsored Registrars for the initial phase of the development period

$5.00 per month is the fee for PHONEWORD Sponsored Registrars Workshop participants.

More information will soon be available.

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